Interior Design + Build Team based in
Saskatoon, Canada

Mackenzie has been creating beautiful and abundant spaces for over 15 years. Her passion became a career after experiencing the loss of her family home to a house fire. This was an opportunity for her and her team to design, build, and furnish their family dream home. Her dedication and eye for detail have been highly praised by clients and peers.   

A very talented interior designer once referred to me as a high-end hippie. The nod to luxury and nature resonated with me at a most profound level. You may find me shopping for Chanel on the Las Vegas strip, or you may find me walking bare foot on the beach enjoying the afternoon sun at our Northern cottage. What I desire in a home for myself and my clients is to have a space accented with luxury, quality furniture, and functionality. A space that will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. I want a lovely cream sofa, a beautiful Hermes blanket, a warm cup of hot coco, and a roaring fireplace. I want my clients to feel as though they can curl up in an inviting space and simply enjoy. For me a home should be designed and built to allow for you to live as the best version of yourself.

Hi, I'm Mackenzie



This is my family

Mackenzie's world centres around her family. They enjoy travel, sports and the arts. In the summer the family can be found doing all things water related at the cottage. In the winter they travel to enjoy different cultures and beaches around the world.