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Kind words

 - Mattie Elizabeth Owner of Me Muse Studio

Mackenzies artistic eye, combined with her ability to execute her clients vision while maintaining a strong sense of aesthetic, makes her a valuable asset in the world of design. The talent is realized not only locally but worldwide. Her patience and dedication to her craft are reflected in the quality and value she brings to her work. It’s fantastic to see such talent flourishing and leaving a positive impact on the design industry.

"The talent is realized not only locally but worldwide."

- Dominique Rempel Co Owner R3 Construction

Mackenzie has a way of hearing your ideas and turning them into the most beautiful reality. She genuinely listens to both your wants and needs and then turns around and gives you the most authentic and luxurious version of that. It's like waking up in a dream!

"Mackenzie genuinely listens to both your wants and needs."

Meet Mackenzie

Interior Designer

Mackenzie has been creating beautiful and abundant spaces for over 15 years. Her passion became a career after experiencing the loss of her family home to a house fire. This was an opportunity for her and her team to design, build, and furnish their family dream home. Her dedication and eye for detail have been highly praised by clients and peers.   

Embark on a design journey that will redefine the way you experience your home.